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Протестувальники в США спалили зал тренера Тоні Фергюсона

Віктор Слюсаренко — 3 червня 2020, 17:40
Протестувальники в США спалили зал тренера Тоні Фергюсона

Один із залів 10th Planet Long Beach Jiu-Jitsu, який заснував тренер американського бійця UFC Тоні Фергюсона (25-4) Едді Браво спалили учасники акцій протесту в США.

Про це заявив сам фахівець.

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10th Planet Long Beach owner Chai Sirisute just told me the insane back-story about the fire that destroyed his gym. It’s a scary af story, one day I hope he tells it publicly. But long story short he and 3 of his homies strapped up and stood guard in front of the school, full red alert, gun out, while thousands and thousands of protestors stormed by looking to smash shit. Chai said that they for sure would’ve fucked his academy up if he wasn’t in front shaking in his boots but ready to kill. He did that for 5 hours. So many stories. But at about the 5 hour mark of the stand off someone threw some kind of explosive cocktail into the suit shop at the end of the building what was connected to his school. Within minutes the whole building was up in flames. Scary fucking shit. We started a gofundme it’s in the bio of @rosegracie anything will be greatly appreciated 🙏❤️

Публикация от Eddie Bravo (@eddiebravo10p)

Нагадаємо, Шевченко підтримав протестуючих в США.

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